February 19, 2019

071 What Makes a Great Website with Jeff Gladnick

Millennial Dentist Podcast

We are excited to be back. Our special guest today is Jeff Gladnick the founder and CEO of Great Dental Websites a company that focuses on creating and marketing dental websites using their proprietary software platform. Sully also happens to be a client.

We talk to Jeff about what makes a good website and how Google actually looks at a website and ranking factors. We also talk about call tracking, social media, advertising, domain names, the importance of video, and what dentists need to know to have a website that gets views and attracts patient calls.

You can find Jeff here:

Great Dental Websites

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Show Notes:

[03:42] Having a great website is important for dentists today. Many dentists struggle with SEO and all the aspects of creating a great website.

[05:19] Jeff has a background in software. His Dad was a dentist and Jeff ended up creating a website for his dad. He has eight dentists in his family and word got out and he started creating more sites.

[07:18] Jeff has been an entrepreneur his whole life and creating dental websites seemed like a great business. Things took off, and he now has a staff of 50 or so.

[10:02] What Google cares about is the content. They don’t want the same answer on every single website.

[12:12] The age of a domain matters, and it could also take three to six months to start ranking.

[12:26] A lot of SEO has to do with building links that are connected to the original website.

[13:33] The marketing strategy that Jeff uses is creating websites that are useful. The problem with social media is you have to be tuned in all the time and the information just comes and goes.

[16:04] If you want your website to actually rank and be a resource for patients, there are few things you need to do. These include, landing pages that are about a specific topic, have a page for each service you offer, have video, and reviews.

[20:55] Use call tracking numbers.

[21:43] Jeff’s company has special built software that they use for call tracking.

[22:59] Jeff shares a method to tell which advertisements are actually effective by using different domains to see which one gets the referrals.

[26:56] You want to have a landing page with the information that people are looking for. Pictures in bios move the needle. Bounce rate is how long it takes for people to leave a website.

[30:31] People want to socially connect with people. If you are willing to share some personal information people will connect with it.

[33:15] Websites can get people to know you before they actually see you. They are more ready to buy when they first come in.

[34:33] Dentistry is very personal and video is a great way to help introduce yourself to potential patients.

[34:50] Creating an emotional connection will set you further down the path.

[37:16] It’s powerful to have a video on your website telling your story to your patients.

[40:52] It’s getting more difficult for private practices to stay competitive against large group practices.

[42:39] With SEO you want to get into the sweet spot of popular keywords against less popular keywords.

[45:58] You could use keywords to get people to your website and get calls. You need to use tracking in order to see where the calls are coming from. Look for small wins in a lot of different ways. If you can optimize individual services that’s great.

[47:02] You should focus on the services that make you the most money or that you want to emphasize.

[49:28] You don’t have to build websites from scratch. There are a lot of content management systems you can use like WordPress.

[50:06] Jeff’s company likes to have everyone on the same platform.

[50:54] Millennials are more willing to open up and share their lives on Instagram.

[52:31] Great Dental Websites has built a platform to create the best possible dental websites. The quality of an out-of-date website goes down over time.

[53:50] The system they created is always updated. Even though, each client has custom content on their websites.

[54:53] They offer a DIY service for a monthly fee. They also have an agency on top of that to do the heavy lifting.

[01:00:07] Just using the software on Jeff’s platform is usually $79 a month. Marketing packages with SEO start around $300 or $400 a month and go up.

[01:02:18] They backup their data four times a day on different physical places. As long as you have really good backups, being hacked isn’t the end of the world.

[01:04:46] The client needs to create the content, because it is a partnership to make an amazing personalized website.

[01:08:03] The work and the execution is what it takes to be successful. Do a little bit every day and work on it.

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