137. Dental Insurance Myths – Strategy on Reducing Delta Patients

In this episode, I dive into the intricacies of dental practice management, offering insights into the strategic decisions surrounding the retention or dismissal of dental insurance providers. Drawing from my experiences and industry knowledge, I stress the importance of maintaining insurance relationships until reaching the desired practice scale and provider […]

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132. My Flaws with Leading my Team

In this episode of Millennial Dentist Podcast, I reflect on my journey, highlighting the importance of embracing experiences, including challenges, for continuous improvement. The episode delves into the role of therapy in understanding personal and team dynamics, emphasizing the need to acknowledge and support each other’s struggles. I also discuss […]

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130. Are you Over Diagnosing or Poorly Communicating? – Millennial Dentist Podcast

In this episode of the Millennial Dentist podcast, I emphasized the importance of evolving dental treatment planning beyond traditional approaches. Acknowledging the gaps in dental education, particularly in communication skills, I urge you to align their clinical knowledge with effective patient dialogue. The episode covers the challenges of overtreatment and […]

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