014 Implant Compare…Changing Education in Dentistry

Dental Implant Compare

Peyman and I had an awesome time interviewing founder of Implant compare Blake McClellan on his journey over the past year and the great resource that Implant compare is. Implant Compare now available on itunes, google play, and online is a completely free resource to dentists. Implant Compare started off as an instagram account to […]

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011 Having a Financial Plan with Dr. Ernie Johnson

Dr. Ernie Johnson

Had an awesome opportunity a couple weeks ago to sit down with Dr. Ernie Johnson in Scottsdale, AZ. We were both on the Spear/Cerec doctors campus at the Scottsdale training center. Everyone should make an effort to take a course out there. The campus is amazing! Dr. Johnson is a mentor for cerec doctors and […]

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008 Sleeping with Dr. Erin Elliott

Dr. Erin Elliott, DDS

Super excited to have the chance to interview one of dentistry’s most influential people in the area of sleep dentistry! However, we took a turn from most interviews Dr. Elliott has done and focused on her life as a dentist, who happens to be a female, her transition from associate to partner, how to avoid […]

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007 Total Millennial with a Heart of an Old Soul

Dr. Matt Koepke

 It was a privilege to get to spend some time with Peyman’s good buddy Dr. Matt Koepke. Dr. Koepke is an Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon in West Virgina. You will find that in listening to the interview with Dr. Koepke that at first he may seem like your typical millennial that graduates dental school […]

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