056 Kirk Behrendt with the “Best Practices Show” and the importance of systems in the dental office

Dentists are amazing, but we suck at a lot of things like managaing a team, running a business and building systems. We sat down and had a awesome conversation about consulting and the steps young dentists should be taking to put their practices in the top group of practices.   Kirk also is the founder of ACT dental and has his own […]

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052 The Silver Fox of sleep, Dr. Mark Murphy

Instructor at Pankey, Airway expert, and self-proclaimed famous Dr. Mark Murphy was a blast to interview! Dr. Murphy was so generous to jump away to interview with us in between a bunch of his lectures that he was speaking on at the Hinman Dental Meeting.   If you are interested in treating dental sleep medicine or just need a […]

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047 T-Bone’s Basement

Millennial Dentist Podcast

Today’s episode is a short and sweet episode of a recap of a mastermind experience I had recently in Raleigh with some good friends. It’s a fun discussion in one of T-Bone’s basement after some continuing education all day. I say it all the time, but some of the best CE isn’t the CE, but the CE after the CE! It’s a short conversation […]

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