067 Live with Dr. Israel Puterman and Dr. Matthew Fien

Millennial Dentist Podcast

 We are Live today with Dr. Israel Puterman and Dr. Matthew Fien. Dr. Israel is a periodontist in Washington D.C. and Dr. Matthew Fien is a periodontist in Florida. They are both really excited about modern advancements in perio treatment and teach the course Hands on Guided Bone Regeneration. Both doctors take treatment and […]

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062 The Boys are Back in Town…Sully, PeyRay, and Jeff

Taking a week off from the typical interview style podcast for some local discussion between Dr. Sully, Dr. PeyRay, and Dr. Jeff Trembley. These are some of my favorite episodes we just talk about real life problems we are dealing with and what we are doing to confront them!   In this episode, we talk about how Dr. PeyRay and Jeff have […]

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