February 14, 2017

002 Dr. PeyRay’s journey to placing 1,000 implants two years out of dental school!

Pey Rey

In episode 2 we get to hear Dr. Peyman Raissi’s story! @drpeyray on instagram and his website is

If you’re a D4 in dental school and its the spring semester and you don’t know what your going to do…don’t fret, listen to this episode! Dr. Raissi had no clue what he was going to do until he went with a family member to an Affordable Dentures and Implants clinic. Three days later he had a job. Some hundreds of hours of CE later and lots of hard work had Peyman on his way to placing over 1,000 implants in his first two years out of school!

Myself included often gave corporate dentistry a bad rap. However, its great to hear such a success story and I personally have a new outlook on them. If your considering a corporate office you need to hear how it really molded Dr. Raissi and catapulted him into early dental success.

Now two years out of school Dr. Raissi has opened up a niche general dentist office focused on implants and a complex restorative approach to full mouth rehabilitation. Sit back and relax and hear what Dr. Raissi has to say about hanging his shingle!

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