April 11, 2017

009 Sully and PeyRay travel to the Hinman Dental Meeting, Part 1

Hinman Dental Meeting

After doing lots of recording from the ole homestead here in Nashville Peyman and I decided to head south to ATL for the Hinman Dental Meeting. We actually did a neat video for Hinman on why Peyman and I are passionate about going to these large dental meetings! We love digital learning like the rest of you, but it doesn’t replace these meetings! Check it out first so you see what these episodes are all about. 

So yeah, at Hinman we went around to different vendors that we thought were interesting and got them on the podcast. We wanted those who couldn’t attend to hear about some of the new companies out there as well as their take on different aspects of dentistry. 

First up we have Dentist Chats who were great to talk to. I am currently using a different chat company, but these guys were awesome. I am a big believer only a month or two in that a chat person on your website is a must! They are doing a special deal for our listeners in waiving the first month fee if you mention us!!

Secondly, we interviewed Weave. Weave is basically a company that replaces your phones and integrates with your practice management software to maximize your front desk team. I am personally a user and a big fan. We saved a good bit of money by dropping AT&T. The biggest complaint your going to hear about Weave is if internet is down, so is your phones. Having good internet is key and Ill say for us personally that the amount of good things about weave outweighs the minimal outages we have had over the past year. However, everyone should look into some sort of software that helps your team up front! Skye said mention us and get your first month free and no contract!

Thirdly, we got a chance to catch up with Rohit, the founder of Practice By Numbers. I am a big believer in the fact that all practices need some software that helps track numbers. If your not tracking it you can’t improve it, its that simple! I am currently a Dental Intel user, but both would be worth looking into. Rohit is offering your first month free here as well!

Our last interview was with Banyan, a social media/review company. Everybody is starting to see those new signs pop up at dental offices. They are using a company like this to help market on social media. Although I love the idea and their concept I think its a bit overpriced as you will see. Unfortunately, we havent heard from them so you will get a good laugh at the end! 

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