April 18, 2017

010 Sully and PeyRay Travel to the Hinman Dental Meeting, Part 2

Hinman Dental Meeting

Hopefully you all enjoyed Part 1 of our Hinman journey! I think it gives a snapshot into a lot of these companies if you weren’t able to be there and may convice you that next year you should go to it or another big meeting like it.

Part 2 kicks off Hank Barton, the president of Forest Dental. I was showing Peyman their dental units because he is still looking for a couple and we found them super affordable when we remodeled our office last year. This old guy in jeans walks up to us and introduces himself! I was like wow, that’s really cool! So a couple minutes later we sat down and got a chance to hear about his journey working with ADEC for 25 years before buying Forest Dental. When you look at there website you will totally get that his other passion is hot rod cars because it comes out in the chairs…they are really sharp! What we really wanted with this part was to dentists to make sure they look at all options when they are remodeling an office or opening one up. As Hank will talk about, check out their 7000 series at

Next up is Alex Nudel, the founder of Revenue Well. It’s hard to even describe what revenue well does in a paragraph! Basically it is like having an additional front office team member. The system can read codes so it knows every patient that you have diagnosed a crown on that didn’t schedule. It then allows you to send emails to all those patients talking about importance of crowns. You can do this with everything so its pretty neat. They also help with reviews, social media, confirmations and everything in between it feels like. For $299 a month it will be hard to find something that all encompassing!

Finally, we wrapped up our Hinman podcast tour with Dr. Charles Blair. A retired dentist, he now spends his entire time helping dentists deal with dental coding. This is something we all get no experience with in school and immediately have to learn on the fly when it comes to dealing with insurance! His books are not that expensive and are a must have for any new graduate in a practice. We don’t push a lot of product here but its that worth it. Little teaser for an upcoming episode is Dr. Blair is currently doing a in detailed look at our office over the past year. We are going to record the entire thing and post it as an episode so you can see where we have been messing up and losing money!

Remember everyone, work smarter…not harder!

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