May 2, 2017

012 Dr. Michael Scherer on Digital Dentistry, 3D Printing, and the Future of Dental Education

If there is a bright beacon of hope in Dental education it has to be Dr. Michael Scherer! Not only is he on faculty at Loma Linda and UNLV dental schools but he also has a whole online curriculum at his website! Dr. Scherer is an implant-trained prosthodontics that specializes in digital technology. He utilizes 3D printing, CBCT, and cost effective options to treat his patients and provide top of the line care.

In this episode we talk a lot about what he sees being brought to the table by Millennials in dentistry. Talking about the future of dental education in regards to technology and the new ways of learning. He is a big advocate for the pre doc student that is motivated to do something to be able to do it. He actually had one student last year place 20 implants in his pre doc clinical year. In addition, we talk about what he is doing with his online curriculum in 3D technology from cone beams to 3D printing as well as his in person course.

Youtube channels: Learn Locator 

He has so generously offered a discount to his courses. The first 100 people to sign up for his online course with the coupon code “MillennialDentist” will receive $50 dollars off.

About the courses:

-In-person California courses ( The in-person courses are perfect for doctors and assistants who want the personal touch and interaction of being able to get a quick 1 day program to get up to speed.

-Online course ( this is a comprehensive online based education regarding the entire digital workflow and covers even more than the online course. The online course is meant for doctors and assistants to be able to casually learn the entire process from start-finish. It covers over 16 hours of interactive video, downloadable examples and workshops lessons and CE credits provided by UNLV School of Dental Medicine. It’s been hugely successful as it never expires, you are welcome to reference the information at anytime after purchasing the course. Additionally, I will continue to add video to the course as time goes on.








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