May 30, 2017

016 What You Weren’t Taught in Dental School with Dr. Jason Campbell

Dr. Jason Campbell

A couple months back Peyray I bumped into Dr. Jason Campbell at the Voices of Dentistry Summit. In a quick five minute conversation I knew we had to get him on the podcast. Dr. Campbell has created an entire institute called the Advanced Prosthetics Institute in Prescott, Arizona to teach dentists on the importance of taking a biofunctional approach to dentistry.

Holsinger, Peyray, and myself sat down with Dr. Campbell for about an hour to hear his journey from associate to owning a niche practice that deals with complex patients and care. In addition we talk about the role his teaching plays in what he does and the courses he offers at API.

This episode is worth a listen. I can honestly say I won’t look at teeth the same way after our conversation and his course on biofunction has jumped to the top of our list! We even got a special discount for our listeners. Sign up for one course with the code millennialdds2017 to get $150 off either course. Or 10% off if you sign up for both courses with the code API10for2. As always we thank you for your support and hope you will keep spreading the word!

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