June 14, 2017

018 Teaming up with your lab with Matt Winstead and Tarun Agarwal

Special thanks to Matt Winstead the Vice President of Oral Arts Dental Lab out of Huntsville, AL for driving up to Nashville to do a podcast about working with the lab. It was also great because we happen to get a surprise guest from Tbone himself who also happened to be in town. Peyman and Oral Arts have had a great working relationship and all three of us agree that there is more to working with your lab then just sending them a script!

When was the last time you visited your lab? When was the last time you called them to discuss a case? As a new dentist the lab can be a great asset for not only making you a better dentist, but also making your life easier! In this episode we discuss all this stuff as well as the future of dentistry in regards to using dental labs.

We want to take a moment to thank everyone for listening! Please spread the word and remember to work smarter….not harder!

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