June 20, 2017

019 Find ways to love what you do with Dr. Brian Harris

Virtual consults, test-drive makeovers, and personal branding have all been huge parts to Dr. Brian Harris’ early success! Although he isn’t a millennial he is leading the charge in the progressive ever changing landscape of dentistry. For instance, turning the idea that you can’t have a practice built on 25-35 year olds upside down!

Dr. Brian runs a practice in Arizona specifically designed around Smile design and Smile Makeovers! He works about three days a week and lectures and teaches on the side. You can check out his website at to find out more about his style of practice and the courses he offers!

Ultimately, this episode boils down to finding ways to love what you do. Figure out what your goals are and work backwards. Life is too short to grind it out. So set up your practice the way you want and work smarter not harder! Check out our website

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