August 22, 2017

024 Wisdom from an old Millennial, aka Baron Grutter

After a delicious meal at Chipotle Peyman and I sat down and got to talk with Dr. Baron Grutter who is a Michigan native currently practicing in the Midwest. I loved this episode because it really answers so many of the questions new dentists have and we get to see how things unfolded for him looking back in hindsight on everything. Questions such as dealing with debt, buying equipment for practice, buying a second office, hiring associates are just some of the stuff we got into.

And if that’s not enough we also hit on all the exciting things Baron has his hands in currently on the technology side. Baron is a part of the Blue Sky Bio team an open source software for all things implants, 3D printing, and now aligners for ortho. He currently teaches a number of courses on these subjects. For more info check his website out at to find out more about when courses are available! Thanks again for listening and keep spreading the word!

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