August 29, 2017

025 Trust your gut and swallow your pride with Dr. John Pasicznyk

In this episode we hear how Dr. JohnnyP went from dropping our of his residency program after 3 months of being there and backing out on a practice purchase in the last hour, to owning multiple practices with the latest technology. It was great having a super candid conversation about the defining moments looking back on his 7 year career so far.  

This is a great episode for new dentists because he shares about how making tough decisions defined his path. Not to mention what life as associate was like before owning a practice and then having to now hire associates. It’s a great perspective.  

We also talked about investing in yourself, technology, and being a risk taker. Take a listen and make sure to check out his website and shot him an email with questions or if your looking for a job at Seriously, if you’re a new graduate looking for a great opportunity near Indianapolis you should give him call! Thanks everybody! –Sully

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