September 5, 2017

026 Adventures in Austin

Millennial Dentist Podcast

One of the best parts about being an owner and a dentist is being able to travel around with dental buddies, learn from each other, and write it all off! A couple of weeks ago The Holeshot and I flew down to Austin with four other dentists and an attorney to meet up with 2 local dentists. We rented a house on the lake, talked about dentistry, drank some beer, and had a great time!

This episode is a compilation of two of the times we recorded driving to and from Top Golf. Our first Roadcast if you will!

Content wise I thought it was really good, we had Dr. Jeff Alford who is an Oral Surgeon in Austin, Dr. Alec Rice, an Orthodontist in Nashville, Dr. Jeff Riggs an Oral Surgeon in Nashville, and then we had our resident attorney Clay Lee from Nasvhille. We talked about everything from getting into a specialty, to finding a job, to a really good conversation on opoid addiction and what we can do to help and not get in legal trouble!

Take a listen and enjoy this laid back good time!!! Work Harder Not Smarter!


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