September 19, 2017

028 Chicken mc “Nuggets” with Dr. Howard Farran

If you have been in dentistry for at least an hour you have probably heard of Dr. Howard Farran. Known for being the creator of the largest dental forum online, DentalTown, and the Townie Meeting held every year in Vegas. If you want a straight shooting, business savvy, uncensored approach to getting off to a good start in your dental career…takes a listen!

Personally for Peyman and I this was a really fun episode. We actually were fortunate enough to see and meet Dr. Farran at Tennessee my second year of dental school. He was one of the first people to inspire me to look beyond just the clinical part of dentistry and at the business side. To get to interview him and bounce ideas back and forth was a neat moment for us!

I hope you enjoy the episode, make sure to follow his podcast “Dentistry Uncensored”, share the episode, and I would encourage you if your not already to become a member of DentalTown.

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