October 3, 2017

030 Money, Drugs, and Embezzlement with David Harris

Well, it turns out the three of us know absolutely nothing about embezzlement, hiring, or firing! But seriously, this was a very eye opening for all of us as I am sure it will be for you. David Harris is a private investigator, cpa, and now embezzlement specialist in Dentistry.

In this episode, he points out a lot of eye opening facts and figures on dental embezzlement. It’s a real deal and could be affecting you right now! He is super open and candid about what we need to do and how we can avoid being embezzled from.

David’s company, Prosperident is all about helping dentists avoid this. If you personally have a suspicion that something is going on I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend his company to investigate. They do it in a very stealth way that is completely hidden from everyone. He actually is giving our listeners a questionnaire that usually runs $129 through the end of 2017. Its free here,

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