October 31, 2017

033 Sameer Puri’s Journey

Well, I got kind of lazy and didn’t edit any of those episodes so we missed a week. But, just like any good team we are coming out of the off week with a bang! This week we have Sameer Puri on the podcast to talk about his journey from dental school at USC to AEGD at Tennessee and on to a failed practiced, a thriving practice, and now his role at Spear Education with Cerec Doctors.

As a cerec user myself I was pumped to get to talk with Sam. I think you will find the episode has a lot to offer the new graduate and new dentist. Of course we had a good conversation about cad/cam and its use in dentistry. If you’re not a cerec user don’t just skip this episode because he has a great story and I promise its not a cerec homer episode!

Thanks for sharing the podcast, leaving us reviews, and giving us feedback! All your comments we get through the website make it all worthwhile!


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