November 7, 2017

034 Are You Numb Yet, with Dr. Don Murry

This episode is really what the whole podcast is about. Myself and the Holeshot(Dr. Dan) who has been MIA for a couple weeks is back interview Dr. Don Murry. Donny and I met at a CE event back in the summer and totally hit off. He is 2010 grad who is just making waves. He is starting his own CE series around golf and good times! I will actually be speaking March 10th and 11th on cerec restorations and 3d printing at one of his events!

The episode is really just a glimpse into what the life after dental school is like. Meeting other motivated individuals, developing relationships, and sharing what’s working and what’s not working.

He talks about what has worked in his practice, what hasn’t worked, and what he wants to do to keep pushing it. Make sure to check out his website and his courses because they are going to be awesome! Also, Donny has the Are You Numb Yet podcast, which is great! So check it out!

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