January 9, 2018

037 Two Navy Dentists talk about the perks of going into military after Dental School

Millennial Dentist Podcast

Lieutenant Dr’s Chris Rosson and Gannon Van allen are two of my good buddies from dental school They chose to go into Navy after dental school for a lot of reasons. Obviously, the big perk is you can be debt free! I personally think it’s a great option for people to do.

In this episode, they talk about life as a military officer and dentist in the Navy. I was shocked to hear how similar it can be to private practice, the freedom you can have, and the opportunities you have to get more education. Chris is actually considering specializing in the Navy so he provided a lot of insight on that.

If your considering the military and specifically the Navy, this is a must listen to episode. They are also very willing to answer questions if you have them and all their contact info is at the end of the episode!


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