February 20, 2018

043 A Ride to the BeefMastor, my new favorite episode!

This might be my all time favorite episode! As ridiculous as it sounds…myself, T-Bone (Tarun Agarwal), John Pasicznyk, and Petar Tofovic recorded a podcast in a 16-passenger van on the way to the BeefMastor! This may be the best steak house in the world in the middle of nowhere North Carolina!  

In this episode we talk about what it means to have a vision for yourself and practice, AEGD vs. GPR, and goal setting. Not just normal goal setting, but how to survive, how to get a job, and being an associate. Its just jammed packed with great information. I think you will love it!  

As always let me know your feedback and make sure to sign up for the Hinman Dental Meeting March 22-24th. Its free for students and we will be located at booth #855! If you haven’t already make sure to follow us on instagram at @millennialdentist and facebook!  


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