July 24, 2018

062 The Boys are Back in Town…Sully, PeyRay, and Jeff

Taking a week off from the typical interview style podcast for some local discussion between Dr. Sully, Dr. PeyRay, and Dr. Jeff Trembley. These are some of my favorite episodes we just talk about real life problems we are dealing with and what we are doing to confront them!  

In this episode, we talk about how Dr. PeyRay and Jeff have both signed up with consultants to help their practices. We are very interested to follow along with their experience and will be updating throughout the process. Dr. PeyRay has had some team turnover and his A/R has gotten a little out of hand so he is excited to have the consultant help him with his systems. Dr. Jeff is really trying to set the trajectory of his practice.  

We also jumped into talking about dental insurance and what it looks like to move towards fee for service. This is something I have been wanting to do for awhile now and love hearing how it’s working with Dr. Jeff. As always this episode is just jammed packed with nuggets! Enjoy!! 

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