November 27, 2018

068 Millennial Mastermind with T-Bone Speaks Host Dr. Tarun Agarwal

Millennial Dentist Podcast

One of our favorite people Dr. Tarun Agarwal is with me here today to talk about the new Millennial Mastermind event we will be hosting together in January. Dr. Agarwal is known as T-Bone and the host of the T-Bone Speaks podcast. He also the founder of Raleigh Dental Arts. He is excited about sharing his experience and mistakes with younger dentists to help them move forward faster.

He has been a mentor of mine and had a huge impact on my life and practice. Having accountability and access to a group of like minded individuals makes progressing so much faster and easier. There will be weekends, monthly coaching calls, individual sessions, and the ability to have office meetings and watch clinical dentistry. All aspects of dentistry will be covered from clinical, business, and mindset including short-term, medium-term, and long-term thinking.

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Show Notes:
[01:40] Dr. Agarwal feels that a millennial mastermind will allow him to make the most impact while also having a positive impact on himself.
[01:56] He wants to disrupt and help people figure out how to get on the right track.
[02:48] Dr. Agarwal has had a ton of success and a millennial mastermind and giving back is really his sweet spot.
[03:22] Dr. Agarwal is only 42 years old. He has been in the business for almost 20 years.
[03:53] He started a practice from scratch and had to deal with insurance issues.
[04:29] Great things happen when you put together a small group of motivated individuals who want to achieve great things for themselves and others.
[04:48]  Dr. Agarwal calls himself experienced not an expert. He pivoted from a fee-for-service practice to an insurance based practice to focusing on cosmetics and adding services.
[05:36] The mastermind is about helping people and assisting young dentists to getting where they want to be faster.
[06:05] The first two years of your practice are the most important of your profession.
[06:35] This is great for other people who want to be part of a group and associated with those who are trying to push the envelope.
[07:00] Dr. Agarwal feels that people spend too much time consuming information and not enough time doing and practicing.
[07:52] Another important thing is to actually define what you want and what your values are, so you know that the things you are trying are in alignment with what you want.
[08:20] Short-term thinking is about survival. Medium-term thinking is about creating the procedures and practices that you actually want to do. Long-term thinking is about generating personal balance.
[09:50] They’ll also cover clinical aspects in the mastermind group. Dr. Agarwal wants people to gain from his experience and mistakes. His wife will also talk about the mental attitude.
[11:34] There will be weekends, monthly coaching calls, individual sessions, and the ability to have office meetings and watch clinical dentistry.
[12:16] Accountability is a huge part of the mastermind.
[13:53] Dr. Agarwal has been a great mentor for Sully.
[14:59] If you want to participate get in touch with Dr. Agarwal or Sully.
[15:43] The first weekend is in January.
[16:02] Dr. Agarwal promises that it will be worth it, or he will personally write you a check.

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