May 2, 2019

081 Talking with Tiger Safarov about Zen Supplies

Millennial Dentist Podcast

Tiger Safarov has developed Zen Supplies, a cloud-based ordering platform to have all your distributors and suppliers in one place in order for you to be able to price compare your supplies to get the best deal. Manage and track your inventory online and save money and time in the process. Sales agents and distributors charge a larger margin, hoping you don’t research a better price online for the same products.

Inventory tracking provides savings to your office through purchasing only what you need in supplies. Eighty percent of your savings comes from quantity, and inventory tracking gives you the insight on how to spend less on your supplies which are excessive purchases for your office. Zen Supplies runs a cost analysis on your supply purchase savings, so you can see how much money your office is saving.

Tiger believes in saving time for his clients because time is the one item “you can’t trade back for”. Zen Supplies is an innovative product which saves the dental practice owner time and money, which is reflected in their slogan “Let’s Get Organized”.

Show Notes:

[03:15] Tiger’s background and history

[04:50] What does Tiger’s company do?

[07:01] How Tiger found out about price differences for dental supplies.

[08:32] Most offices do not manage supply orders or track orders.

[10:07] Dental assistants may not be looking at price differentiation or looking for the best purchase price for supplies.

[13:44] Why Tiger’s goal is to avoid distributors and sales reps for purchasing supplies.

[19:08] Other options which are available for emergency situations at your dental office.

[21:30] Dollar savings Tiger’s client experienced with one of his clients from Texas.

[25:35] Distribution of money according to the margins sales people are charging dentists.

[26:40] How are big companies viewing Tiger’s company.

[30:13] Politics of buying and selling dental supplies and how Tiger gets his pricing for supplies through manufacturers and distributors.

[37:30] How many supplies we threw out because they were expired BEFORE we used Zen Supplies!

[40:19] Shipping costs revisited with Zen Supplies.

[41:30] What’s coming up next with Zen Supplies?

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