October 1, 2019

087 What Will Get You to the Tipping Point in Your Practice? Part 1

Dr. Peyray and I are catching up on life after a fun-filled summer. We’ve got to get back into the swing-of-things, and we kick off this episode with Dr. Peyray as he spills figuring out the logistics of labs. What goes on at the laboratory end? How do they process labs? This has been a significant learning experience for him. He tells all about his new perspective and appreciation for laboratory testers and the steps to testing to kick-off this episode.

We talk about the best advice for owning a practice. Dr. Peyray’s advice is, “Don’t wing it. You’ve got to be prepared.” He was complimented on his team, after having to pull his associates together. “Be more of a leader and take charge” to be a good example to his team. Don’t delegate to be lazy, delegate because someone else is a better expert than you.

Find out the details and logistics of your practice to see where you can improve. We talk about working with patients and patient culture and demographics. Your practice should have a process and options in place, such as payment plans, to make dentistry affordable for your patients. Giving patients payment options will increase your gross income for your practice. Find out what other elements you can improve to get to your tipping point!

Show Notes:

[01:35] Understanding the business and logistics of labs.

[03:16] Dr. Peyray explains how understanding the technical aspect of labs will help him clinically in the dentistry world.

[04:30] What helped Dr. Peyray the most from the business aspect of owning a practice.

[05:33] Parts of Dr. Peyray’s growth shared with us this episode.

[08:02] Common patient misconceptions in dentistry. 

[11:42] Have clear financial arrangements with your patients and be up front about costs.

[14:22] Tipping point for Dr. Peyray’s practice.

[17:27] Dr. Peyray’s process for bringing on team members for his new lab.

[22:16] Lexi, Dr. Peyray’s team member, was instrumental in building his lab in the back of the practice. 

[24:55] Two skills which general dentists who are fresh graduates can do well.

[26:50] Mapping out your educational journey each year to learn more skills.

[28:43] Plans for the future and how can Dr. Peyray can move forward with more cases. 

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