October 15, 2019

090 Happy Hour After Spear Workshop with Dr. Will Jones, Dr. Sunny Virdi, Dr. Todd Honcharik, and Dr. Murad Zaman

We are live from the Spear Education Center in Scottsdale Arizona. Sully and Dr. Will Jones are here for the Restoring the Edentulous Arch workshop and the Demystifying Occlusion seminar. We are joined by Dr. Sunny Virdi, Dr. Todd Honcharik, and Dr. Murad Zaman. 

We talk about starting a new practice, marketing, and photography. We also talk about biomimetic dentistry. Which is all about tooth structure conservation. We also talk about rubber dams, materials, and prep. We also talk about insurance and payment differences between the US and Canada and so much more.

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Show Notes:

[01:46] Dr. Sunny Virdi is from Canada. Today he attended the Demystifying Occlusion Seminar taught by Dr. Frank Spear. 

[03:18] There are two specialists in Winnipeg that have a Spear Study Club. That is why Dr. Sunny Virdi is here. At the study club, they start the module with a case. Then everyone talks about treatment options etc. 

[04:42] Sunny and Dr. Todd Honcharik and Dr. Murad Zaman just bought a practice. 

[05:24] Prior to this Sunny was an associate at a couple of different practices. 

[06:02] Todd graduated in 2014 and was working as an associate. 

[08:46] They think the same way, and it will be a game changer to have a practice where everyone thinks alike. The new practice is a long-term play. It’s in a mall and they get walk-in traffic. 

[11:10] The growth strategy is to show patients that they provide value. They use photography to communicate. 

[12:48] Photography really makes a difference. Sunny and Murad both have Canon 80D cameras. 

[13:31] With a camera, you get the detail and the quality. Photography sets them apart. 

[14:58] Sunny and Murad are both into biomimetic dentistry which means preserving the natural tooth while treating it to avoid crowns and root canals. 

[15:21] Tooth structure conservation makes so much sense. 

[16:49] They rubber dam everything when it’s possible. With having a lot of clamps it makes it possible. 

[21:32] They very rarely do full crowns unless, they are replacing one that is already there. 

[25:46] Denton just needs time to bond with an indirect restoration. We talk about bonding techniques. 

[36:11] Victor D. Guerrero’s work on isolation and bio dentistry is definitely worth checking out. Along with, Pascal Magne’s Book on Biomimetic Dentistry.

[37:11] These practices can easily be incorporated into your daily practice.

[42:22] Diversifying is part of the growth of the practice. That includes ortho and implants. 

[43:10] The group values being able to work among friends and be able to talk about cases. 

[45:21] The team in the new practice has been super responsive and have adapted really well. The team also goes to the CE with them. 

[48:40] Listen to the Noobie Dentist Podcast Nerding Out Over Biomimetic Dentistry Part 1 With Dr. Davey Alleman DMD Part 1 and Part 2.

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