August 4, 2020

098 Phone a Dentist Friend

Millennial Dentist Podcast

Today is a phone-a-friend episode where we talk to another dental associate owner and put them on the spot with a surprise interview! We chat about core elements of hiring a new associate or team member, how you can set them up for success, and why you need to set clear expectations with your new staff.

We talk about critical elements to hiring a successful associate who will ultimately be a productive team member, expectations, and our experiences with past hires. Advice from our past experiences on what to do and what not to do when looking for new staff and what to expect from them once they are hired. “There has to be a clear line in the sand about procedures that an associate can do versus what an owner can do, certainly for a time frame.”

Our guest advises having clear expectations or a success path for the most critical goals drawn out when you hire a new staff member. Break down that expectation or success markers into smaller increments of time so your new team member can achieve small successes along the way. “Make the time to first, set up your success goals, and two, hold your staff accountable in the moment.”

Setting production goals, at around $2,000 to $3,000 a day, is a common goal for a new associate. However, once they progress, they should have a new higher daily production goal.

Additionally, make sure you have a clearly defined business model and ensure your team understands the terms of your business model. For example, if you ask your team to be a “good clinician,” explain in detail what that looks like to you. Does it mean spending more time with patients? Do you want your team to be efficient when working on clients? Be clear on your business model expectations and terms you are using to create goals for your practice.

Lastly, set your new staff up for success. Make sure they have backup and support during clinical procedures to ensure that they achieve confidence and success, and your practice is running smoothly.

Dentistry is changing. Technology, education, and resources are closer to our fingertips now more than ever! Are you ready to learn what millennial dentists are doing to exceed patient expectations, enjoy dentistry more and take vacations and how this generation can join up with the previous generation to make for an unstoppable dental team? Wait no longer! Listen in and find out how to push your lifestyle to the next level.

Show Notes:

[02:08] Our guest talks about what he did in his dental practice today.

[03:35] What are key elements to hiring a successful associate?

[05:06] Have clear expectations or a success path when onboarding new staff.

[08:48] Options for multiple doctors and fewer chairs than dentists.

[11:30] One definition of what being a “good clinician” looks like. 

[14:08] Core abilities and the mindset to accept these responsibilities.

[17:30] Interviewing tips when talking to a potential new employee.

[21:05] Perspectives on when you should let a new staff member perform new procedures.

[23:27] Lining up your new dental associate to be a true general dentist in the practice.

[27:32] How to change the process of procedures for new staff in your practice.

[32:32] Supporting your employees to have the best outcome.

[36:30] Procedures that work and add value to your practice.

[40:21] Basic core surgical principles.

[44:13] Sign up for the last two spots of the Digital Implant Emporium!

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