043 A Ride to the BeefMastor, my new favorite episode!

This might be my all time favorite episode! As ridiculous as it sounds…myself, T-Bone (Tarun Agarwal), John Pasicznyk, and Petar Tofovic recorded a podcast in a 16-passenger van on the way to the BeefMastor! This may be the best steak house in the world in the middle of nowhere North Carolina!   In this episode we talk about what it means to […]

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040 Live at the ASDA District 4 Conference…an episode for the students out there!

Today we have a really fun episode which is a combination of anumber of interviews with dental students from Meharry Dental School, Eastern Carolina Dental School, University of Georgia Dental School, Tennessee Dental School, and some pre-dental students from Virgina Tech!  We had a blast talking about how awesome meetings are with ASDA, the differences between dental schools, and even tips right after […]

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039 Not sure if you have heard, but Dr. Bill has a lot to offer…including two Amazon best selling books

Dr. Bill may seem like your typical old dentist at first glance, but not so fast!!! He is a dentist in Georgia that is the writer of two best selling amazon books, “The 10,000 a day dentist” and “Marketing the Million Dollar Practice”. He speaks around the world and is a very active member on social media, escpecially Facebook.   What […]

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