035 Floss Bar: A polarizing future for Dentistry!

Millennial Dentist Podcast

What an episode we have in store today! If you aren’t living under a rock or neck deep in pathology books (which you might be) then you have probably heard about the new “Floss Bar”. According to their website, “Floss Bar is a lifestyle brand empowering consumers to take back their power in the dental chair. It’s a network of actual […]

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034 Are You Numb Yet, with Dr. Don Murry

This episode is really what the whole podcast is about. Myself and the Holeshot(Dr. Dan) who has been MIA for a couple weeks is back interview Dr. Don Murry. Donny and I met at a CE event back in the summer and totally hit off. He is 2010 grad who is just making waves. He […]

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033 Sameer Puri’s Journey

Well, I got kind of lazy and didn’t edit any of those episodes so we missed a week. But, just like any good team we are coming out of the off week with a bang! This week we have Sameer Puri on the podcast to talk about his journey from dental school at USC to […]

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031 Late Night Round Table

This episode is totally different from the usual episodes we have. And frankly, I think its pure gold! A month or two ago I had an opportunity to be a part of a mastermind weekend with a lot of talented individuals currently in dentistry and names you are going to be hearing more of in […]

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029 Battle of the In-Office Membership Plans

In this episode we combined two different episdoes into one master episode. We actually talk with three people. First off we talked with Jordon Comstock who started Boomcloud an in office membership plan software and Ben Tuinei who started Veritas Dental Resources.  Veritas is a company that deals with adding, dropping, and analyzing your insurance companies and even negotiating higher fees. Together both Jordon and Ben host a […]

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