February 28, 2017

004 Learning to live with Student Loan Debt

In this episode Dr. Peyray, the Holeshot, and myself divulge the current state of our loan affairs. When you graduate its super easy to get bogged down with student loans. I think it can be one of the biggest hindrances to people’s early success. There is such a balance of living with the debt and having a strategy to pay it off.

We look at the different government options such as IBR, REPAYE, and others. We talk about refinancing and some of the programs that do this like SoFi and DRB. However, we spend most of the time talking about whether it’s a smart idea to aggressively pay your loans down or not.

The most discussed resource in this episode is something we mention very often. Best thing you can do is check out the White Coat Investor! At the end of the day we want to encourage our listeners to think about retirement vs. paying loans down early. Make sure you educate yourself on all the options. If you are one of those people who just wants to pay your loans down as soon as possible then make sure you have a plan on how your going to save after and be able to give a good reason why this is your strategy!

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