March 21, 2017

006 The Unicorn Partnership, a Baby Boomer and a Millennial

First time we have had one of these “Senior Dentists” on the episode and I felt like it should be none other than my dad. Probably one of our favorite episodes we have recorded so far because it really gets at the core of why we started this podcast.

In the episode, Dr. Rick Sullivan, a 3rd generation dentist shares his experience over the past 30 years in practice, transitioning to a partnership, and working with a Millennial. Here how are practice has grown over 150% in two years, the keys to our success, and why he is loving dentistry more and more.

Dr. Pey Ray takes the lead in interviewing Dr. Rick on why as a seasoned dentist in his mid 50s he has continued to invest in technology. Great questions ranging from why he loves dentistry to the secret to keeping long-term staff. If your interested in dentistry or gun collecting follow him on instagram @tngunmaster and if you have more questions you would like to personally ask him his email is!

As always thanks for listening! We appreciate your support and your itunes reviews! If you want a free Millennial Dentist coozie send us your name and address and we will get one in the mail to you!

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