April 25, 2017

011 Having a Financial Plan with Dr. Ernie Johnson

Dr. Ernie Johnson

Had an awesome opportunity a couple weeks ago to sit down with Dr. Ernie Johnson in Scottsdale, AZ. We were both on the Spear/Cerec doctors campus at the Scottsdale training center. Everyone should make an effort to take a course out there. The campus is amazing! Dr. Johnson is a mentor for cerec doctors and I was at a training course. After a long days work we both sat down over a cold beer to discussthe importance of having a financial plan as we go throughout our career.

Dr. Johnson has a clear passion for personal finance and specifically investing. I think we could have talked all day about everything. He has gone so far to actually create a website that he specifically markets to dentists to help them get a leg up on investing. At Dentist Market Alert, he provides evidence based reasoning on how timing being in the market, out of the market, or on alert. It’s simple, but can make a huge difference in investment returns if your able to avoid drops like the dreaded 08 crash.

Take a listen, check out his website, and feel free to contact him with questions. Currently he charges only $200 a year to be apart of his online community.

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