May 9, 2017

013 SuperMartha: Mother, Professor, Researcher, and Pediatric Dentist

Dr. Martha Wells, DDS

In this episode Holsinger and I take a trip down memory lane! We actually went back to Dental School to promote the podcast to the students and while we were there we got a chance to catch up with Holsinger’s Pediatric residency director, Dr. Martha Wells.

Dr. Wells graduated from Pedo residency from the Ohio State University. There she met her husband(an endodontist). After a stint in private practice she became the clinical director of University of Tennessee Health Science Centers’ Pediatric Residency program where she taught our very own Dr. Dan! She has been published over dozens of times and is about the become one of the main editors for “Pediatric Dentistry: Infancy through Adolescence” .

In this episode, we talk about what its like teaching Millennials and the new strategies she has to take. She sheds light on how she balances being a mother of 3 while working part time. We also get to hear more about her personal mission of teaching others so that her work and knowledge can be multiplied. If you interested at all in academia or research this is an episode you won’t want to miss!

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