May 23, 2017

015 Two Millennials That are Changing the Game!

Thrive Experience Masterclass

If there is one thing I love about this episode it’s that it gets to the core of why we started it. Drs. Galen and Davina Detrik decided that they didn’t want to practice dentistry the way its always been done. They didn’t want to grind away, miss out on life, work for 30 years and look back and wonder what happened! So instead they made some crazy life decisions and haven’t looked back.

Husband, wife, business partners, both doctors are changing the landscape. In 2014 they quit their associateships and started an Air BnB style dental practice. Focusing in on high-end cases making dentistry more of an experience then a clinic. Their business name probably sums it up, “Thrive Bioesthtics” where they actually practice dentistry and their course “Thrive Experience Masterclass” where Thrive stands for Time, Happiness, Relevance, Income, Variety, and Expereince. The six qualities that Dr. Galen says are really what we all want for a fulfilled life!

Check out this episode, their website, and their course! I hope that this episode will be an inspiration to many new graduates who want to follow their dream to make it a reality! Make sure to spread the word and follow us on facebook! Check out our new friends on instagram at @thrivebioaesthetics and @davinardetr

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