August 15, 2017

023 Lots of student loans? Then Corporate Dentistry isn’t the answer!

Sticking with the theme of good value for the money on consulting we follow up Laura Hatch with Travis Hornsby, founder of Student Loan Planner. Obviously student loans are getting out of hand and its probably the number 1 question students/new graduates have questions about. In this episode we dive right into the issues of how this happened, how to pay them off, and the options in which to do it.  

I have to admit I was skeptical about this interview when we set up but was blown away with Travis. His wife is an MD so he has a unique relationship to the medial field. In addition, his fees for analyzing your loans and giving non-biased advice are super reasonable. His flat fees are $199 for an individual and $299 for a couple where they both have debt.  

Reality is financial advisors and your family friend is probably the worst places to go to get advice on this subject. This is a great episode to share with friends! Below are some resources Travis gave me and remember to check us out at 


Free dental school loan calculator download 

Refinancing guide for all the places dentists want to check for rates:

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