September 12, 2017

027 How I got paid $5,000 for an Oral Appliance with Hootan Shahidi

Millennial Dentist Podcast

When we started trying to do medical billing the majority of my team and dentists in our area said we didn’t have a good chance of getting paid. Well, after a couple months of now using Code and getting things processed we have gotten a couple different claims paid and a bunch more in the pipeline. The standout is obviously the $5,000 check for a sleep appliance.  

I knew that in our office we couldn’t take on more roles in office and that if we wanted to be successful we would need to team up with a third party. That’s when I met Hootan and Code. I can honestly say that they have been great to work with and we wouldn’t be successful without them.   

In this episode we talk about the nuances of medical billing, where you can get paid, and the best approach to doing it. Its super informative but only touches the iceberg. You can find out more by attending one of his conferences, dinners, or courses in Raleigh at the  His fees are super affordable at $1,000 for initial start up and only 8% of claims actually paid. His website is Code 

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