September 26, 2017

029 Battle of the In-Office Membership Plans

In this episode we combined two different episdoes into one master episode. We actually talk with three people. First off we talked with Jordon Comstock who started Boomcloud an in office membership plan software and Ben Tuinei who started Veritas Dental Resources.  Veritas is a company that deals with adding, dropping, and analyzing your insurance companies and even negotiating higher fees. Together both Jordon and Ben host a podcast that I would encourage you to listen to called “Navigating Dental Insurance” 

It was a treat doing a joint podcast with these guys who are super informative and knowledgeable about both issues. We personally have been looking into these types of things and so it was very helpful.  

The back half of the episode we talked with a company called Privvy, who does a very similar thing that Boomcloud does. Emile Barraza and Abi Sheshadri the co founders joined us to talk about how there company differs. Privvy is a start up and is much smaller than Boomcloud, but does have a lower entry cost. Boomcloud has a higher entry cost but much more experience. It will be interesting to see how these companies continue to do and I would encourage to look into both of them!  

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