October 17, 2017

032 Implant Ninja, the Prosthodontics Samurai, and the future of dental specialists

Great episode this week that was very educational for me. We have talked a lot over the course about the general dentist being able to do more and more because of technology. In this episode we talk to two prosthodontists who are absolutely killing it. Its a glimpse into what the future of their specialty looks like. And trust me, this aint your granddads specialty or the one you saw while in dental school.

Dr. Ivan Chicchon is a prosthodontist out of California that is doing all sorts of implant work. He is created a book with the help of some of his colleagues called the “All-On-X Handbook” A book I have already purchased! He is giving a special discount to all of our listeners. Go to and you can get 35% off. Dr. Naif Sinada is a prosthodontist currently located in Texas and is doing some insane stuff. He just started his own podcast called “Dental Outliers”. Make sure to check it out!

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