November 28, 2017

036 An interview with the White Coat Investor himself!

As most of you listeners know I am a big fan of all things financial and one of my biggest mentors whether he knows it or not is Jim Dahle, MD, of the “White Coat Investor”. What started out as a blog, turned into a book, a bigger blog, and now a forum, it continues to grow and grow. Mainly, because its one of the few places to really get good unbiased financial advice.

In this episode we talk about loans, investing, what not to do in regards to money, who to hire in regards to money, and everything in between. This episode goes down in the top 5 for me as well as a must listen episode. I would strongly encourage all of you to check out his website, and pick up the book!

If you have questions or thoughts feel free to reach out to him or us. As always, work smarter not harder! We will see you next time!


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