January 16, 2018

038 All the traps to avoid when leasing space for an office with Justin Ditkofsky

Happy New Year everyone!

This is the first official release back in 2018. After a super busy holiday season the three of us are ready to get back at it. We have lots of exciting stuff coming up starting with Voices of Dentistry January 27-28th in Scottsdale, AZ! Its not to late to register so check it out! In other news we will also have a booth at Hinman Dental Meeting in Atlanta in March so please come see us there!

Let me introduce Justin Ditkofsky, or big JD as we referred to him as. He is consulting for Cirrus Consulting, a firm that helps new graduates and dentists looking to buy deal with lease and rent issues in regards to their practices. Something most of us would never even think about! Peyman can tell you first hand how hard it was to negotiate with the companies leasing the properties and how easy it would be to get taken advantage of without some help. Spending a little here can save you a ton in the long run!

If anyone has questions or thoughts on the episode let us know. And give Big JD a call…its my understanding that they would be happy to do a free consult with you in regards to what you got going on! Your silly not to take advantage of that! Some of the things we discussed our listed below…take look!

Cheers to an exciting new year everyone!



Opening a New Practice

  • Buying vs. Leasing: How to determine ROI on your real estate investment.
  • The key steps to opening a practice and negotiating a risk-free lease agreement.


Office Lease Renewals

  • How and when to start negotiations with your landlord.
  • Identifying expensive lease traps, and how to negotiate the best rental rates and terms during your renewal.


Selling Your Practice/Transitioning

  • How the lease agreement can make or break the sale of your practice.
  • Increasing practice value with a well-structured and negotiated lease agreement.


Cost-Saving Strategies

  • How to determine if you’re overpaying in rent.
  • Understand if your Common Area Maintenance (CAM) charges are accurate.


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