January 23, 2018

039 Not sure if you have heard, but Dr. Bill has a lot to offer…including two Amazon best selling books

Dr. Bill may seem like your typical old dentist at first glance, but not so fast!!! He is a dentist in Georgia that is the writer of two best selling amazon books, “The 10,000 a day dentist” and “Marketing the Million Dollar Practice”. He speaks around the world and is a very active member on social media, escpecially Facebook.  

What makes Dr. Williams unique is that he has built and sold multiple practices and really knows how to focus on growth. He also is a super general dentist in that he does pretty much everything! I would strongly encourage you to take a listen, reach out, and pick up one or both of his books. They will make you think for sure and you will pick up a couple nuggets of info! 

You can contact him at Solstice Dental Advisors and be sure to check out this mastermind! In other news make sure to come see us at Voices of Dentistry and Hinman in March! 


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