January 30, 2018

040 Live at the ASDA District 4 Conference…an episode for the students out there!

Today we have a really fun episode which is a combination of anumber of interviews with dental students from Meharry Dental School, Eastern Carolina Dental School, University of Georgia Dental School, Tennessee Dental School, and some pre-dental students from Virgina Tech! 

We had a blast talking about how awesome meetings are with ASDA, the differences between dental schools, and even tips right after graduating. Each part is a little different and starts as follows… 

-Georgia’s Alex Howell out of the gate 

-Virginia Tech Pre dental at  

-The Ladies from Tennessee at  

-Meharry Leaders at  

-Group from ECU at  

Share this episode with all your friends…I think there is a ton of good take home points!  


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