February 14, 2018

042 A Chat with the Podfather, Gary Takacs, and we’re going back to the Hinman!

Two exciting conversations today! First off, it was an absolute pleasure to get to chat with Gary Takacs at Voices of Dentistry. For those of you who don’t know, Gary is an Ace of all trades. Although he isn’t a dentist he owns a dental practice and does dental consulting, and is totally invested into helping dentists succeed.

In this episode, we talk about his journey to owning, how to make it with your local community, and the Thriving Practice Academy! Oh, and did I mention he is the Podfather? He started the first every dental podcast, the “Thriving Dentist Podcast”.

On the back half of the episode we had an awesome conversation with some of our friends at the Hinman. Adam Hodges is a dentist who has been out 17 years. He shares how crucial the Hinman Dental Meeting has been to his success and what all the Hinman has to offer new graduates! For all you students out there it is FREE! It’s a no brainer and there are lot of opportunities for scholarships!  We are super excited to be attending Hinman this year and have our own booth at #855! We expect lots of you to be there and to stop by and record with us! Check it out at #MyHinman

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