June 7, 2018

058 Getting clinical with Dr. Michael Scherer

Millennial Dentist Podcast

Dr. Michael Scherer joins us again on the podcast a year after his Millennial Dentist podcast debut! If you haven’t checked out the first time he was on the show go listen to episode 12 first! This time we get super clinical. Out of the gate we talk about the ROI on 3D printing, where the technology is at today, and where it makes the most sense!  

How about immediate loading locator dentures? Turns out you only need 2 implants to immediately load a locator denture for it to work! How about leaving the black housings in as “training wheels”? This episode is just full of pearls and lots of locator denture discussion. 

We also want to recommend that if anyone is interested in 3D printing or locator dentures you should 100% sign up for his online courses at  Both of these are super affordable and a great way to get you involved in both areas!  

Special thanks to Jonathan Ayala with Innerview Media for helping us shoot this live on FB. Check out his website here! 

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