August 21, 2018

066 Finding Your Passion and Give Back with Dr. Joe Mehranfar

Millennial Dentist Podcast

We are so excited to have Dr. Joe Mehranfar here today. Dr. Joe shares how he taught, obtained two master’s degrees, and didn’t always have the best grades before beginning dental school. He also shares how a mentor helped him become the implant expert that he is today. He tells the story of how he had 80 offices and almost lost everything before building his practice back up.

He also shares his experience when he first arrived from Iran, and how he eventually found his passion with teaching and giving back to the underserved and disenfranchised homeless community. He teaches at Brighter Way Live and is involved with the Dental Clinic at CASS. He shares his passion for dentistry and implants done the right way and giving back to those less fortunate.

You can find Dr. Joe Mehranfar here:
Mehranfar Dental Group
Brighter Way Live
The CASS Dental Clinic

Show Notes:
[01:40] Dr. Joe shares the winding road that he traveled to actually make it through dental school. He even obtained two master’s degrees and taught anatomy.
[08:57] He became an assistant and learned how to do implants.
[10:03] He moved to Phoenix and started doing implants.
[11:03] Dr. Joe offered affordable implants and got over 100 patients right out of school.
[12:24] The impact of ego, experience, and nerves.
[13:09] He then partnered with ClearChoice and started lecturing about the product.
[14:10] After opening many practices, he ran out of money and went bankrupt.
[14:49] They had investors lined up, but it didn’t pan out.
[15:25] Out of 80 offices, he was able to retain 8 of them.
[16:26] He was trying to build business and mailed booklets to people. He would bring offices patients and do the implant surgery.
[17:29] How dentistry is such a unique opportunity. Dentists can make money even after trying things that don’t work.
[18:23] Dr. Joe moved here from Iran in 1984, and his first job was a headhunter. Where he learned people skills and building trust.
[20:51] Dr. Joe always enjoyed teaching and training.
[21:13] In 2015, Dr. Joe began giving back by volunteering for a homeless service called CASS. He now has a center inside the shelter.
[25:50] He often does 240 implants in three days with the help of other dentists. They have huge volume.
[27:06] How so many competitors work together for charity and the mission.
[28:53] The majority of the restorative is done by one of Joe’s residents.
[30:45] Dr. Joe customizes the case with the amount of knowledge that the student has. It also helps the volunteering companies.
[31:35] Placing implants is super popular for dental graduates.
[31:58] Advice for young dentists to get involved with placing implants.
[32:27] The importance of teaching students how to treat people safely and not hurt anyone.
[34:01] Dr. Joe is also an expert witness for attorney’s in town. His biggest thing is nerve injury.
[35:16] The best advice for young dentists is to take your time and build confidence and work on a couple of successful cases.
[35:49] Use the technology like cone beams and printers to make sure everything is safe, predictable and cost effective.
[37:14] The pros and cons of free hand and guided implant surgeries.
[38:43] Machines need to be calibrated so that everything is accurate.
[43:09] Dr. Joe loves surgery.
[43:42] Looking at the socket to see what size implant is needed. Dr. Joe gives his measurement technique.
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