March 5, 2019

075 Sully and PeyRay Head to VOD

Millennial Dentist Podcast

Sully and Peyray are on a flight to attend the 3rd annual Voices of Dentistry Summit in Scottsdale, AZ. They are excited to visit the booths of other dental podcasters. Last year, they had their own booth and didn’t have time for anything other than recording. Peyray will also be speaking this weekend about dental photography. He has a lot of ideas about how useful photography is for treatment planning. We hope you enjoy the conversation!

Show Notes:

[03:47] Peyray has a lot of powerpoints with great information for his presentation.

[04:07] You can see some of his work on his Instagram account. When you take great pictures, you can sell a lot of dentistry.

[04:33] You can learn so much by looking at the pictures of your cases. You can also go back and find any mistakes that you may have made in order to not repeat them in the future.

[04:55] Photography has made Peyray a better clinician.

[05:19] After dental school, he bought a camera and started taking Udemy courses and watching YouTube.

[06:19] He also learned from Eduardo Aguilar.

[07:26] Photography is a lot about the lighting and anyone can benefit from having a softbox.

[07:52] Tomorrow Peyray is going to share the settings he uses, the tools that he uses, and encourage people to go practice.

[08:34] Invest in your future and get a Nikon or Canon DSLR camera. He has the D810 full frame. The D7500 is also a great choice.

[10:36] Photography helps with documentation, and documentation is the key.

[11:39] His full arch patients and aesthetic patients get photography.

[12:46] Sully takes five or six shots of every patient. Patients can diagnose their own dentistry when they see the pictures.

[13:58] They block off some time for new hygiene patients to get photos. To Sully, hygiene is a loss leader.

[15:27] That would be four or five new hygiene patients a day.

[16:36] If a hygienist recognizes that the patient needs more than $2,000 worth of work, they make an appointment to bring them back.

[17:32] Always address the patient’s chief complaint.

[21:00] It’s important to take the time to communicate with the patient. Having a good team also helps.

[21:51] Sully shares the new patient experience at his office.

[26:24] Sully also does in office payment plans. They are at the point, because they are selling cases not individual procedures.

[28:54] There are a lot of missed opportunities with dentists who don’t do sedation dentistry.

[30:51] Peyray goes to ADA sedation meetings. You can do so much more if you learn how to use it. IV brings a level of predictability.

[32:41] Peyray gives people something to relax the night before surgery, then nitrous, and then an IV.

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