June 18, 2019

084 Figure Out Where You Want to Go When Growing Your Practice With Dr. Jeff Trembley

We are excited to have Dr. Jeff Trembley on the show today. Jeff recently opened his own practice in November of 2017. Jeff is committed to giving his patients amazing results with carefully crafted restorations. Even though he is committed clinically, there were and still are many hurdles for Jeff to over overcome.

He understands the importance of customer referrals and treating patients in a way that makes them feel appreciated. It’s often the experience that will get the patient to come back and to refer family and friends. Jeff talks about the importance of photography and the success that he has had with his Instagram account.  

We also talk about how important it is to understand your numbers and check your reports on a regular basis. Jeff benefited from having a consultant come into the practice and offer help and guidance. He is also committed to going all digital with his lab work. There are so many aspects to running your own practice that new and experienced dentists will get something out of this conversation.

You can find Dr. Jeff Trembley here:

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Show Notes:

[02:26] Dr. Jeff Trembley opened a practice in November of 2017. Prior to that he was an associate.

[03:16] Peyray rented Jeff a room prior to Jeff opening his practice.

[04:27] At some point, every dentist comes to the point where they want to go out on their own.

[06:41] Even though, he found a great space Jeff really had to fight to get the financing and all of the paperwork in order.

[07:41] One of his first purchases was an electric handpiece. He equipped the hygienist, and got TVs to look at images.

[08:35] Jeff’s opinion of modern dentistry is the most minimally biologically to get as close to what as what you want.

[09:15] Jeff is a biological dentist who wants to fit the materials to help the patient.

[11:38] Jeff had a best friend/mentor that helped him see the importance of photography.

[13:13] Jeff would take a retracted view and put it on the screen and start looking at it. He started sharing online. His greatest source of referrals is through Instagram.

[14:44] He put a photo studio in one of his op rooms.

[15:45] Dentistry is hard and starting a new is hard.

[16:09] Jeff learned the importance of data.

[16:45] Jeff isn’t in network, so phone conversions are important.

[18:05] He doubled down on the philosophy. He lowered his fees and explained the fee process.

[19:16] He also hired a consultant to help go through the system and find out how many hygienist reschedule.

[20:02] Jeff is willing to take ownership of everything.

[20:52] You have to understand what reports to pull and what they are telling you. Then make adjustments to that.

[21:54] You have to create the behavior in the office. It’s also important to see how reports change. Find out where your new patients come from.

[23:16] Patients are your best referrals so thank patients for coming in and show your gratitude.

[25:35] We have to make sure that our experience equals the quality of our dentistry.

[27:11] It helps to be direct with everything even treatment plans.

[30:18] One of the hardest things that Jeff has struggled with is his website and his marketing.

[31:40] It’s hard to be on top of so many things and to keep in mind that if you’re not on top of things it won’t get done.

[32:32] One of Peyray’s biggest challenges was the front office. He expected people to read his mind.

[34:26] Using clipboards was one of the best things that Jeff has done. It not only keeps records straight, but there’s some satisfaction in crossing things off the list, and it enables the sharing of duties.

[37:35] If staff members are struggling with their personal life, then they might not be able to handle all the responsibilities of your busy office.

[39:51] There are ways to pull reports that paint a picture of your practice. Learn to understand your dental software.

[41:01] Data needs to be organized and combed through.

[42:05] It would be nice to review reappointment once a week.

[43:41] There are so many aspects to running an office that have nothing to do with clinical dentistry.

[44:17] It comes down to running a business and building a team around you.

[45:38] A challenge with experienced front desk people is auditing the system. The trick is to be able to coach people without offending anyone.

[49:14] Don’t be reactive and gather information. Managing people can be a challenge. Write things down and create a checklist.

[50:36] Peyray will soon own a lab and controlling his quality.

[51:19] Jeff wants to go digital in 2019. He wants to be an expert in exocad.

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