July 23, 2019

086 Running a Specialized Practice and Using Social Media with Dr. David Wong

Millennial Dentist Podcast

Sully, Peyray, and Dr. Rick Sullivan are joined today by Dr. David Wong. Dr. Wong is a periodontist from Tulsa, Oklahoma. He has his own practice, and he speaks and teaches about perio. We talk about Dr. Wong and how he got started, and he shares his own unique perspective on periodontics and running his specialized practice. 

We also talk about his use of social media and his Instagram accounts. His personal account features a lot of shots of Dr. Wong working out. He shares his fitness routine with us, and we get him to answer some listener questions that mostly revolve around his Instagram accounts, but we also dive into the world of perio. 

You can find Dr. David Wong here:

Route 66 Dental Implants

David Wong DDS on Instagram

Plaque Chyna on Instagram

Show Notes:

[02:54] Dr. David Wong is a periodontist who practices in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

[04:31] Dr. Wong thought dental school was tough, but he liked perio. 

[12:35] He planned on joining a big group practice, but he changed his mind. He started a practice from scratch, and it worked out. 

[15:04] The hardest part was getting over fear and self-doubt. 

[17:02] His wife was super supportive. She was a dental , but she doesn’t have to work anymore.

[20:21] He loves what he does. Teaching was born out of necessity. He started photographing everything and joined a small study club. He also started writing articles. 

[22:58] He also mentioned products in case-reports and was scouted by vendors. He also put on his own courses. 

[25:03] He prefers working on soft tissue. It is probably under diagnosed. 

[28:27] Technology is helping to fix human errors. 

[32:13] He finds value on meeting other dentists and hanging out and social media is great for being himself and having fun. 

[34:32] Dr. Rick Sullivan has always been interested in perio. He enjoys going from perio to all the way up. 

[35:23] Should GPs do perio? Dr. Wong would do it again. He would even be more inclined. 

[36:50] Dental students could be a restorative dentist and catch the best of both worlds. 

[38:24] Specialists used to not encroach on GP territory. Now they frequently do a little of everything. 

[40:07] Patient management can be more difficult than the clinical issues. 

[44:27] Dr. Wong likes having friends and, but not keeping score with patient referrals. 

[46:36] Dentists need to know what they are and aren’t capable of doing.

[47:44] Dr. Wong’s least favorite procedure is osteo surgery.

[49:03] He benches 315.

[52:14] Perio maintenance is about efficiency. Dr. Wong is fine with the patient just going to their own dentist. 

[56:03] Dr. Wong goes to the gym every day that he can to lift weights. He also does a bit of cardio and eats a ton of food.

Dr. Wong is going to speak about gingival recession and root coverage. The talk is called, Just Say No to the Palate.

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