October 1, 2019

088 What Will Get You to the Tipping Point in Your Practice? Part 2

Dr. Sullivan and I are catching up on life after a fun-filled summer. We’ve got to get back into the swing-of-things, and we kick off this episode with Dr. Sullivan as he talks about what it was like coming out of dental school and working in his dad’s practice. He also tells us about how his experience has changed his perspective in his dental practice journey.

We talk about how maturity has played a role in Dr. Sullivan’s practice: how to work with team members and how to run a business. The most significant impact for his practice was taking full DSL photos of every client. When he arrived, he saw the importance of changing the culture of the practice and approaching their patients differently.

Find out what elements Dr. Sullivan has changed that has moved his business forward in big leaps. He talks about his team, the changes he has made in technology and the most substantial change he has made to the practice: new patient intake survey.

Show Notes:

[02:05] Dr. Sullivan looks back at graduating dental school.

[02:42] Year one out of college compared to year two out of college.

[03:15] What was the first CE Dr. Sullivan took?

[04:33] How taking DSL photos of all our clients impacted our practice.

[07:38] 2018 was Dr. Sullivan’s best year and has doubled income for the practice.

[10:58] Patients want consumer-driven, same-day dentistry.

[13:02] Number of units Dr. Sullivan is passing through his business each day.

[18:19] How to focus your team on different aspects of your practice so everyone has a specialty area they work in.

[19:07] Dr. Sullivan talks about two ways to grow your practice.

[24:28] Dr. Sullivan gives us the 411 about his new space he has built.

[33:05] What Dr. Sullivan credits his success to?

[34:38] Balancing life – where are the boundaries between enjoying life and living life?

[36:16] Communication and making sure you are on the same page as your loved ones.

[38:17] To be a good leader, there is sacrifice involved.

[39:07] Dental yogis and taking the time to relax.

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