June 23, 2020

095 New Jobs for Recent Dental Grads

Millennial Dentist Podcast

Dentistry is changing. Technology, education, and resources are closer to our fingertips now more than ever! Are you ready to learn what millennial dentists are doing to exceed patient expectations, enjoy dentistry more and take vacations and how this generation can join up with the previous generation to make for an unstoppable dental team? Wait no longer! Listen in and find out how to push your lifestyle to the next level.

Welcome back to another episode! Episode 95 is geared toward young dentists who are recent graduates. We are going to focus this talk on getting out into the world as a new grad during COVID and our current financial climate.

Don’t feel too stressed if you don’t land the job you want right away. With the current economic condition within the United States, you may not get hired in the next few months. Check out Episode #002 when we talk about Dr. Peyray getting out and looking for a job without success.

When speaking about a positive choice he made after graduation, Dr. Peyray says, “I think what I did that was a good decision was joining a group practice or a DSO practice that is busy. I was able to work, and I had the freedom to do the things that I had learned in school.” He believes that it is a valuable experience for any dentist, especially new dentists. Dr. Peyray suggests not to worry about a big paycheck in your first two years. Instead, get experience as a clinician and work in a busy practice.

Dr. Sully suggests looking locally; however, if you want to move to a different area, find a dental workplace rep, call them and let them know what type of job you are looking for so they can connect you with an office that is hiring. Dr. Peyray talks about his experience in a residency. Make sure to create and learn good dentistry foundational skills. Also, purchase a good camera to take pictures of your cases for your records. Check out dental groups online Foundation of Oral Rehabilitation and Oral Reconstruction Foundation for great clinician content online. 

When applying for a position, don’t only ask questions about the position but about how you, as a dentist, could fit and assist the practice to grow? What role or roles can you play in the office to build the practice? Additionally, get a good feel for the company culture in your probationary period and, if you’re uncomfortable, be willing to decline the position.

Show Notes:

[02:30] Dentists who are getting hired back post-COVID shutdown.

[04:52] What Dr. Peyray would have done differently back when he graduated dental school.

[06:32] Dr. Sully and his dad are looking for an associate or partner for their practice.

[09:39] Where new doctors can find posts for job openings on social media.

[13:16] Dr. Peyray’s experience working for a year in a dental residency.

[16:10] How Dr. Sully has changed his mind and perspective about looking at resumes of potential candidates.

[21:25] The number one practice that helped Dr. Peyray got great experience in his first job.

[23:06] Dr. Peyray tells the story of how he started his first CE with Vegas Implants.

[27:46] Dr. Sully talks about how class 2 fillings are one of the hardest jobs they do in their practice.

[29:28] Make sure to create and learn good dentistry foundational skills.

[32:09] Focus on areas you lack in expertise, team up with another doctor and learn if your business is slow.

[36:38] Working on a 14-year-old patient, making room for future implants. 

[40:45] Walking through a friend’s new office and giving him advice.

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